What We Do

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Singjoy Xinyue Pavilion

With more than ten years of experience in China and Singapore, the company advocates the combination of traditional Chinese medicine conservation and modern science with the experience of accompanying child care, giving pregnant women full care and love from prenatal to postnatal. From the first day of life, the child is intimately fed in the most scientific way, bringing peace of mind to the mother and the family.

Why Choose Us

Quality brand

Singapore's first focus on maternal and child care services for 20 years

Standard service

Professional monthly 嫂 certificate, safe and reliable, physical and mental health

Exclusive operating system

Excellent team; advanced concept system management; can not be copied

Concerned about diet

Integrating the essence of the moon and son culture in Southeast Asia, the mainland, and Taiwan; cooking a healthy and delicious moon meal

Attentive service

Pay attention to women's postpartum physical and mental recovery, patience, love, and care for newborn babies

Professional training

Provide monthly in-service training, love, responsibility, good morality and good maternal and child care knowledge

Overseas stay with the moon

Delivered to Australia, Europe, New Zealand, the United States, Hong Kong and other places with monthly staff; has more than 15 years of experience in overseas monthly services


Meridian health test, adjuvant treatment of postpartum physical discomfort, milk detoxification; body shaping beauty, improve sleep quality, enhance immunity, etc.