Confinement Meal

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Confinement Meal

Week 1 postpartum
Promote blood circulation, eliminate lochia, eliminate water and swollen

Week 2 postpartum
Invigorating Qi and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, promoting milk secretion

Week 3 postpartum
Improve physical fitness, nourish and supplement, beauty and slimming

Fourth stage
Consolidate vitality, enhance immunity, and supplement dietary fiber during the 4th to 5th week after delivery

After three months
Lose weight gain, restore body

Wendong ginger tea and jujube tea specially prepared for the mother
Nanyang Wendong ginger tea warm palace cold ginger soup

Postpartum slimming meal

According to your physique and needs, the professional dietitian will customize the recipe for you, and adjust the diet structure to achieve the purpose of slimming after delivery.

* It is recommended to start at least three months after delivery. Breastfeeding mothers please consult us.

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