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Course introduction

– 月嫂培训课程
– 讲师培训课程
– 新生儿护理培训课程(女佣/父母/祖父母)
– 科学育儿课程



Instructor profile

Our lecturers
Ruby Feng

Graduated from School of Biological Sciences of Nanyang Technological University, Ruby is a molecular biologist with a specialization in immunology. She’s also a parenting expert with hands-on skills in infant sleep consultancy and training. With more than 200 successful cases, she's also a trained P.E.T. instructor.

Andrea Hang

Certified Breastfeeding Counsellor International Certified Infant Massage Instructor 3+ years of experience to support breastfeeding mums in both New Zealand and Singapore Expertise in painless lactation massage to relieve breast engorgement and increase milk supply. Master in Science from National University of Singapore, 6 years experience as Industrial Engineer and 2 years experience as a project manager

Ekia Du

He holds a master's degree in psychology from the Department of Social Sciences at Swinburn University in Australia. He is currently a full-time psychologist at the Singapore Family Service Centre and a former counselor for government secondary schools. Have the Singapore Consultant Association Associate Membership Certificate, China Level 2 Psychological Consultation Certificate, Parent-child Communication Course Lecturer Certificate. Proficiency in modern mainstream psychological counseling techniques such as family therapy, cognitive therapy, and mindfulness therapy. Areas of expertise include anxiety disorders, depression, teenage disgust, internet addiction, parent-child relationships, and marital relationship communication.

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