Medela Easy Expression Bustier – Black (3 Sizes)


Medela Easy Expression Bustier is a pumping bra (also known as a hands-free bra) that holds your breast shields during expressing, leaving your hands free to operate the controls or to do other things. With has a strapless design, and no-slip support to keep it reliably in place. Medela’s Easy Expression Bustier, makes it simple and convenient – plus it has a secure fit for added confidence.

  1. For handsfree double pumping, leaving your arms and hands free to multitask while you pump
  2. Strapless design with no-slip support keeps bustier reliably in place
  3. Reinforced openings hold breast shields securely
  4. Front zip and hook make it quick and easy to put on and take off
  5. Adaptive stretch nylon and spandex blend accommodates your changing body for an ideal fit, enhanced comfort, and ultra-soft material against your skin
  6. Designed to fit your Medela double electric breast pumps
  7. Works with other major brands, including Spectra, Lansinoh, Bellebaby, Evenflo and Avent
  8. Oeko-Tex certified, which means that it is safe from harmful chemicals.
  9. Made of nylon and spandex fabric blend was designed to retain its shape, even after multiple turns in the washing machine
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Fabric and Care:

*Note: Bustier is intended to have a snug fit and may initially feel tight. This is normal, as the hands free pumping bra must also support breast shields and bottles; moms can expect the bustier to loosen slightly as it adapts to your unique body.

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A pumping bra (also known as a hands-free bra) holds your breast shields during expressing, leaving your hands free to operate the controls. This also means you can get on with other things while pumping – ideal for busy mums! Some pumping bras have straps, but these can make them tricky to put on in a hurry. This is why the Medela Easy Expression Bustier has a strapless design, with no-slip support to keep it reliably in place.

Double pumping is a particularly good option if you need to express frequently, because it allows you to collect more milk – 18% on average1 – than pumping from each breast in turn. Another bonus is the milk collected has a higher energy content than milk obtained by single pumping.1 If you’re using a Medela double electric breast pump, the Easy Expression Bustier has been specially designed to fit it.

There are four simple steps to using your Easy Expression Bustier:

  1. Hook: Fasten the bustier at the front.
  2. Zip: Zip it up from the bottom.
  3. Insert: Place a breast shield on each breast beneath the bustier, with your nipples centred in the tunnels.
  4. Attach: Finally, attach a connector to each breast shield.

It’s as easy as that – now you’re ready for hands-free pumping!

Don’t worry, the breast shield openings are reinforced to hold them securely. What’s more, the Easy Expression Bustier’s no-slip support keeps it reliably in place without straps to dig in or cause aching shoulders. And the stretch material doesn’t just help keep your breast shields in position, it also adapts to your changing body for a great fit whatever your shape.

The Easy Expression Bustier is machine washable. Simply pop in a delicate-garment bag and put through a gentle 30°C (86 °F) cycle. The bag will prevent it getting tangled up with other clothes, and it’s best to avoid washing the bustier with items that have Velcro fastenings for the same reason! Full washing and colour-care instructions are given on the packaging.

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