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Both of us are new immigrants. It is not convenient for our parents to come to Singapore for the confinement. We are lucky to have found Dr. Liu. I have seen a lot of food on the Internet and I am not used to eating rice here. I am also worried about the northerners. I didn’t expect the central month’s meal to be super delicious. Even my husband came to eat rice every day:). Yue Yue is very scientific in her daughter and my nursing. After a week of birth, let her daughter sleep, let us not dare to suffocate, but the moon is very careful to observe the breath every 10 minutes, every half an hour change, the daughter's heart and lung function develops very quickly, and now is small The small melon face, the head shape is also round, and it is all the merits of the New Moon. In the last week of the month, my daughter was sick. When she put it down, she cried. A month and Dr. Liu took a 24-hour shift to hold her daughter to sleep. We looked very hard. If it was not at the centre of the month, we would really collapse. of. Now her daughter is 6 years old. Every time she goes to the Spring Festival, she will take her to see the centre of the month. When her daughter learns to speak for more than one year, her grandmother is Dr. Liu. I feel that the centre of the month is another home in our county.

Duo Duo’s Mom

On the third day of being a new mother, I stepped into the confinement center with mixed feelings (happy, excited, worried...) - the first home after the baby was born. As soon as he stepped into the door, Dr Liu and the confinement lady took over the baby immediately and asked me to go upstairs lie down and have some rest. Dr Liu guided me on how to breastfeed the baby. From the first day, I saw the monthly care of me and my care for the baby and her professionalism, let me completely let go of my worry, and safely give myself and my baby to such a professional and full A team that loves. When the moon said to me: Hey, you can rest assured, I promise you that I will be in this 42 days, I will love Victoria as much as I love my children, I couldn't help but shed tears. ... Due to the uneven diet in the hospital for a few days and too much sweets at night, my stomach began to feel uncomfortable, and the amount of food consumed per time was small. My nanny and Dr Liu specially arranged a more digestible and nutritious confinement meal for my situation, which allowed my stomach to improve in the second week. Two weeks later, because I changed my own caesarean section wound to cause wound infection on the surface of the wound. After going to the hospital, the obstetrician did not make a correct diagnosis. I said that I was allergic, let me go back. Seeing that the wound infection was getting worse every day, Liu Ayi was in a hurry. As a senior doctor, she personally gave me medicine four times a day, and finally cured my itchy and painful wounds... On the day of leaving the center of the month, the mood was complicated and full of admiration, gratitude and reluctance to this professional team. Taking care of mothers and babies requires not only excellent patience and extremely professional knowledge, but more importantly, love. In these 49 days, I feel the love that is full of family, so I call this the first baby. Family. With the love of the mother and the baby, we can really do this love business. You have done it!

Victoria mother

Before the birth of my second child Arthur in 2008, Singapore’s confinement ladies were only locals and Malaysians. Being from Harbin, my first confinement in 2007 was not a very pleasant experience. Not only the confinement food nanny cooked is not suitable for me, their traditional ways of taking care of mother and newborn made me uncomfortable. Later, I met with Dr Liu and learned a lot about the concept of scientific confinement and baby care. Therefore, I did not hesitate to contact Dr Liu when I was pregnant for the second time. I was so happy when I saw the confinement food menu. I simply loved it! Some home-cooked dishes and desserts taught by our confinement lady Wang Yumei became the favourite dishes on my table until today. Another impressive point is the baby massage and baby exercise. The habit of massage has been kept in my family until now. When my son is tired, he will take the initiative to ask me for a massage. This is especially good for developing his sports skills. Arthur likes all kinds of sports and is a fast learner. It’s all thanks to the effort of Dr Liu and Wang Jie. He is now 11 years old and is well grown with a height of 162cm. He has been very strong since childhood. Our family is grateful to Dr Liu and Wang Jie. Thank you all!

He Shan
Mother of three
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