Medela Purelan Nipple Cream, 7g


Medela Purelan 100 Nipple Cream is specially formulated to protect your nipples from dryness and sensitivity by replenishing the natural oils depleted through frequent sucking in breastfeeding. These problems, which are frequent occurrences during breastfeeding, can severely hamper your breastfeeding routine and comfort.

Medela Purelan Nipple Cream contains 100% pure lanolin (wool wax) without any artificial additives or preservatives. This means it doesn’t have to be removed before breastfeeding and is safe for your baby! The Medela Purelan Nipple Cream is so safe, you can even use it on your baby’s skin and apply to other dry skin areas.

Why we love this product:

  1. Ideal soothing for sensitive or dry nipples
  2. Convenient and multi-tasking product! Can be applied on other areas too!
  3. Helps make your breastfeeding journey a smoother and less painful one!
  4. Instant relief on the go!